Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bark! The Park!

Tawny thinks we've had the Best morning so far!

He was all excited when I got out his leash and then...we got the car out of the garage and Tawny stepped right into the back seat. We'd always taken him in the pickup before. If you can't guess, Russ driving, me in the middle and Tawny by the window of a Ford Ranger pickup is more than unwieldy.

Tawny loves the park walk. Here he's by some of the May Apples. They bloomed a couple weeks ago, but I've always loved these harbingers of late Spring.

The woods are spongy with three inches of rain this week. Several places along the brick walk, water was oozing between the brick joins, easing toward the lake. Creeks are flowing; the lake is muddy. Fishermen weren't catching much this morning at all.

From the one parking lot area toward the boathouse, sun rays break through early morning cloud cover. Last Fall the Blue Heron was seen in this shot. It wasn't around this morning. There were just a few ducks and geese foraging for insects and people leavings.

We're looking forward to frequent walks at the local county park as school is out for students next Friday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Daisy knows the difference between a regular down the road walk (regular collar) versus a going to the park walk (she wears a harness just in case she goes down a hole or falls over the edge).....and gets so excited!

Tawny looks so happy!

yarn elf said...

Makes you wonder what our founding fathers saw there. I am sure you will enjoy your summer walks and seeing the changes as the year progresses.

I would be excited too if I got to change my normal day for something new and maybe exciting, even if only a short time.