Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's almost June

yet tonight there is a frost warning for northern Pennsylvania. Those residents must be pulling their hair out! We're to be in the mid-40's here.

The renovation update for today is that the hallway ceiling has been not only primed but painted in semi-gloss white! Monday will bring the walls being painted. Nikki is just to the top of the stairs, checking out today's changes. He always hides when Painter Don is here, but then always checks to see what has changed in his house. You do know that we belong to him rather than him belonging to us, right?

The hanging baskets are all doing really well this year. This is a fuchsia named 'Shimmering', a double fuchsia. I really like this one. Yesterday I planted the nasturtiums that were started in peat pots into a hanging basket and they've already grown over an inch!

We have two weigeilia bushes. This deep red one is by the herb garden. A pink bush is up beyond the garden, outside the cyclone fence. See the buttercup? When the buttercups have a chance, they don't stay just grass level, but they will grow several feet tall. When we went to Busy Beaver in New Kensington today to buy paint, they also had their seeds on sale. I found caraway and chamomile which I planted in the herb garden, too.

I can hardly believe that the wisteria has begun to bloom. It seems just too early. By next weekend the mock orange and the heritage white lilac will be blooming.


Linda said...

Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

yarn elf said...

Sigh Green! Yes been a strange weather year so far.

Yes cats march to their own drum and we are to follow.