Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bohus Hair Clip

Many thanks to twinsetellen on Ravelry who came up with this idea!

Ellen used a Bohus swatch to create her first hair clip, but I simply used a very little of my leftovers from my Dean Cap and created a 40 stitch swatch. There is ribbing at each end. Patterning in the middle of the swatch is part of the original Dean pattern but adapted for this small space on a purchased hair clip/barrette. The pattern for the process is a free download on Ellen's Ravelry pages(link above). The actual patterns are available from either Susanna Hansson in her workshops or from the charts in Wendy Keele's Poems of Color.


knittinbrit_in_wi said...

What a great use for a swatch!

yarn elf said...

Yes, knitters are crafty people and are looking for ways to do two things at once. Now you can have your sweater and the swatch is put to use.