Monday, May 11, 2009

A (RTB) Star is Born

She's done all but blocking...

It's the Round-The-Bend (RTB) devised by Meg Swansen with a new icord technique by Cameraguy (Chris Swansen). I highly recommend the DVD but Meg's book "Handknitting with Meg Swansen" is sufficient.

Shining here under the stars (star flowers), RTB shows off her pressed flower buttons in a pre-thunderstorm sun ray.

Berocco Ultra Alpaca in celery, teal and moss on size 7 circulars are highlighted. RTB was cast on in August and finished today, all but her bath and dressing in the boudoir. A few beauty sleeps were required as she waited for the pansy shawl and several other projects. Her adoring audience (me) hopes her dressing will approximate the swatch's blocking results. If not, that's another reason for the summer lighter diet to succeed.

To magnify, embiggen and chuckle because there's a camera strap included, just click on either picture.


Kim said...

VERY nicel done!!! I have to actually start day...when I have time! :-)

yarn elf said...

WOW An excellent job, and those buttons are a match that adds to the finished project. Ultra Alpaca line is a nice yarn. Your colors say spring.

Linda said...