Wednesday, May 06, 2009

There's sun between storms!

We had 7/10 inch of rain yesterday, drizzle last night and more rain within the next hour. This morning we were fortunate to have a bit of sunshine. Just perfect weather it was for me to take these pictures of new plants and a contest entry! First a coleus "El Brighto" that Russ chose. He loves to have a coleus by the pond each summer. (All pictures are clickable to embiggen!)

Just to share one of the many purple violets that grow as weeds here and a flowering ground cover that is from one that my Aunt Elsa brought back from a trip to England decades ago. It reseeds well.

Look at the colors in this cinnamon fern grouping! The ferns are now two and a half feet tall! I love how the sun plays on the fern as it unfurls.

When we were at the nursery last weekend, Russ restated how he hates geraniums from childhood of visits to the cemetery bearing red geraniums with his granny. But he saw "Jewel", a purple and white geranium and wanted to bring it home. So, Jewel is now planted by the pond.

A new herb garden has been begun between the peonies and rose of sharons. Planted so far are asparagus, tarragon, lemon balm, fennel, a nicotiana, armeria and several herbs that reseeded from last year. Part of the garden wasn't weeded last weekend when I planted the new herbs and such....borage will be seeded there, too.

Before the rain ruins the rhododendron, this beauty just has to be shared. It has started to sprinkle now. Rain tonight and thunderstorms the next two days just do not thrill me. I'd be happy to share this rain with the parched areas of the country.

And now on to a peek at some knitting!

These last two photos are of the Contest Entry for 2.75 this summer. I won't show much more of this until after camp because it's a secret until the Big Camp Reveal. But look how well the pansies made it through the winter! These are the very same pansies I bought when casting on the pansy shawl!This year's topic we voted on last year is "Recycled Knits".

Is it July yet?

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yarn elf said...

Sorry not July yet. But then you are not ready for July, but making progress. Camp comes slow, but goes fast.

All that green and color could make one from dry & dusty AZ sad to see all that beauty,