Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Where we're at"

Before the weekend hallway update, a little knitting is in the planning stages.

I had seen and drooled over Anne Hanson's 'little nothing', the Elm Row stole. Anne had written that the pattern was from Barbara Walker, but I didn't think too much more about it. Then when I was researching pattern possibilities for a cable pattern, Barbara Walker's 'Drooping Elm Leaf' in the first Treasury (the blue one) jumped off the page at me so I had to duck from the elm limb lash. Perusing Montse Stanley's seemingly endless cast on possibilities, I found that she has one I've never tried that she suggests is excellent for lace, so I'll try it. Nothing is cast on. This is just in the planning stages. Still. Planning stages, heck, it's waiting for me to get to it!

Our next planned beauty is a Bohus hair clip. twinsetellen on Ravelry had used her Blue Shimmer wristlet Bohus swatch to create her first Bohus hair clip. Then she knit another version for a different hair clip. Since I'd been wondering what I would create with my leftovers from the Dean Cap, this looks like a perfect project. Last night while drinking a cup of cinnamon tea, I was looking at Wendy Keele's "Poems of Color" for some additional inspiration. That booklet (and all Bohus references to me) call me like Bali Hai (sic). (Isn't it about time to watch "South Pacific" yet again?) My tea drinking is not a frequent activity. I have lots of teas here, but neither of us drinks it frequently. Something must be up in the ionosphere.

One of the irritations here has been to see the switch plates painted over. It's so easy to just unscrew one or two screws, pop the plate, and paint! Most of the covers I've replaced. As proof that there will not be painted-over switch plates any more, here's where Don conveniently stopped in his work on Saturday. He repaired uneven edges around the outlet and had scraped loosened wallpaper seams.
This upstairs hallway is bigger than some designated rooms. Part of it is original to the house's first construction. As the house was added on to, the hallway grew as well. Corners by the bathroom (added on in the late 1940's) and the East bedroom (built in Fall 1944) both needed work. These rooms and a sliver of the hallway had been a second floor sleeping porch BN (Before Nancy). Plus, the corner by the window had had years of frick-fracking (a kind rendition of my father's reaction to the rain blowing a certain direction for the rain to get under the slate to produce its music on the floor and in the proverbial rain buckets!) leaks through the original slate roof that was replaced in the 1980's. Anyway, that corner had never been completely repaired, so Don worked on it. All painted-over wallpaper seams are scraped and since the walls had never been stripped, there's a lot of repair work.

While Don has been working upstairs, I've been able to make amazing progress on my stealth project, i.e., 2.75 contest entry. No peeking till after camp!


yarn elf said...

Sounds like all kinds of projects in the works. House changes are good, better when finished.

Knitting projects are always appearing. Color work and lace will keep you busy for awhile.

Can not wait to see and hear more.

Linda said...

Woof! Busy busy girl.

I'm still sitting on my ass wishing the drugs would do more than make me sleep, but we'll see tomorrow.