Saturday, September 05, 2009

Labor Day Week(end) Laboring

Pretty much typical to form, we are laboring this Labor Day weekend.

All but two years of our time together, Russ and I have painted on Columbus Day weekend, and most of the time yard work and house chores on Labor Day weekend. Yes, Russ is standing on the radiator to paint the picture window. Yard work comes a bit later after this painting bout.

With as busy as this first week of school was, Russ didn't have a chance to work on any painting. Next week he starts training two new drivers between runs, so won't have time to do many honey-do's then, either. I did start a honey-do for him....Dobbin's Kleenex cover.

Today Russ is working on priming and painting actual windows in the living room. With the humidity down the last gorgeous week, it doesn't take long for paint to dry.

A gorgeous week? Oh, yes. It's been dry with low humidity since last Saturday about noon. A bit of coolness in the mornings, sometimes in the low 40's, along with fog have promoted the quickening of Fall colors. But the sky is gee-orr-gee-us. And, it's back to being shorts weather again!

Neighbors two doors over have taken advantage of the weather this week, also. They had a tree company cut their 150 foot plus trees down to 20 ft. I got a great chuckle seeing the trimmer in the cherry picker with his binoculars while waiting for his crew to mulch some cuttings.

This act has most definitely helped our view and will help melt the snow this winter and warm the house when the sun is so low, hugging the horizon of that hill seen here behind the last couple of branches now cut into firewood.


yarn elf said...

It seem many of us labor on Labor Day. And I pause to think Labor Day means summer is about gone and will be missed somewhat. So glad you are having great weather.

THe house is really looking nice.

Penny said...

I have to tell you the most laboring I am doing this weekend is to clean the yarn room and do laundry.

I labored way too hard earlier this week! Tuesday it is back to work for a couple of days and then I am going to Stitches Midwest with a couple of friends.

Don't work too hard!