Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No Mistakin' #27

Dobbin's Anti-Viral Kleenex box cover is seeing the world!

So often, it is difficult to read a bus number when facing a school bus. Doesn't seem like #27 now has that problem, does it?

Russ changed out tissue boxes and covers between his first and second runs this morning. The second run is the elementary run. First on the bus, Peyton, exclaims, "Wow! Where'd you get that?" Second on the bus, Dakota, is getting on and asks the same thing. Two elementary boys noticing such things! They had to "pet" it, too! I think it's a hit.

Begun Sept. 02, 2009
Finished Sept. 14, 2009

Bernat Super Value 100% acrylic for washability
color 608 Bright Yellow (AKA School Bus Yellow)
7421 Black

US 5 24" Addi turbo
US 4 24" Addi turbo
US 4 16" Addi turbo
Clover Giant Tapestry Needle

The Bernat suggest a US #8 needle, but I wanted this to be firm and I knit loosely.

Cast on in yellow 40 stitches for each long side and 20 for each short side. (120 sts) The fact that the long sides are 9" and the short sides are 3" is useful here; as,the purl back will stretch horizontally and although the stretch is helpful for putting the cover on and off, it is not helpful while cover is in use. I used long tail cast on but a provisional cast on would be better.

On each row for 22 rows, purl 1, knit 38, purl 2, knit 18, purl 2, knit 38, purl 2, knit 18, purl 1.

For one row (top of box) purl all around.

For top, use SSK and K2tog decreases at corners each row. Whether the SSK or the K2tog is first depends upon at which corner the project has been started.

When I got to a good place for the tissue opening, I switched to the black and knit 2rows then a 2 stitch Icord bind off. I knit up (picked up and knit)each yellow blip underneath in black and knit a k1tbl (knit one through back loop), purl 1 ribbing with continued decreasing at the corners. Bind off in pattern.

Next, I knit up from yellow cast on edge in black and continued the same ribbing as on top for 2".

Final step was to chart out Russ' preferred "27" and duplicate stitch the numbers on each long side.

I would make some changes in the next one. A provisional cast on is preferable. A yet smaller needle size would also be best for my looser tension.

Russ loves it!

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yarn elf said...

Such a creative knitter and a job well done. It is one thing to have an idea and another to be able to do it. Then to share it with others is so nice of you.

Kids do not miss much. I am sure DH is proud to say my DW made that special for me.