Sunday, September 13, 2009

Still painting, we are! Knitting, too!

Yes, the painting continues.

Yesterday Russ spent almost all day working on the entry hallway. Here, he is sanding the window at the bottom of the stairs. See all those rose canes outside? I pruned them down from 15 feet to 6.5 feet yesterday while Russ worked on the inside of the window. They'll be pruned again later in the season. This window is the one that Allen and Russ replaced the cords in two weeks ago and now has been primed and painted and "Kilzed" and painted. Kilz is The best stain and bleed-through killer. Later on today the 'scarf' will go back on the rod for the finished look.

Russ didn't only work on the window, but also the coat closet door, the wooden wall panels beneath the stairs and on the railing upstairs. Today he worked touch up and second coats on several areas. He also tested the paint on the front doors in two spots to see what it'll look like with one coat and then with a second coat. Before being painted the four front doors need to be sanded and primed and...well, the whole sequence. They also need new strips at the bottom. As Russ said, we need them finished before frost arrives.

Several days ago I took this shot to finish off the 35mm film. Tawny looks so happy to have his living room back! He isn't the only one! We are planning on painting the ceiling fan blades nice and glossy white, though. For two days I worked on washing all the contents of the six milk crates I had filled with dining room and displaced kitchen cabinet contents. All are now empty with the crates back in the cellar. It takes a lot longer doing the Spring/Fall housecleaning of china cabinets when doing it by myself.

Yellow! Yes, yellow and white and bright and cheerful is the dining room. Do you suppose that it might just be possible that I'll actually want to use this room as a dining room now? You'll notice painting supplies on the chest to the left. That's Russ' "staging area" for his trim work. Although the living room and entry have new curtains, we haven't gotten new ones for any other room yet. So, if these curtains look familiar from prior photos, that's why.

There really has been a little knitting going on. This isn't the greatest picture, but it is Dobbin's Kleenex box cover in its current state. Ends still need to be woven and #27 is still to be duplicate stitched on each long side of the cover. I wanted it able to be seen, though, the yellow "blips" under the top where-to-pull-out-the-Kleenex opening.

The blips will be basically unnoticeable when all is said and done. I'd changed colors from the school bus yellow to the black by knitting two rows then doing a two stitch I-cord. That was a bit too flimsy for kid-use. So, then I picked up on the yellow blips with a knit one back, purl one rib. The ribbing is cast off in pattern. Picked up from the cast on is the same ribbing pattern on the bottom. The current plastic canvas cover (from #66 use) is sturdy enough to just slip over the box, unlike this knitted version. Plus, in #66 there was a "package tray" under the dash where the box could sit. That same tray isn't part of #27's makeup.


Layl said...

Don't you just love the return of first one area then another to law and order ?? You will no doubt enjoy the addition of yellow and more white to walls... Enjoy !!!

Denise said...

You have inspired me to get my butt going on some painting I need to do in my house also. And by the way the kleenix box cover would be a great thing to give to a steeler fan just the right colors!

Nancy said...

Gee, Denise, great thinkers think alike! It's the DH's idea to have the box cover in school bus colors rather than school district colors, but school bus colors just happen to be the same as our favorite local pro football team!

yarn elf said...

Things coming together on the home front both in the redo and on a knitting project. Must be starting to feel like head way is being made. Also the house is becoming a home again. Know you will enjoy both when done.