Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sorry, I thought I'd shown you...

all the lovelies I brought back from camp!

We have my name tag I made last year as part of Lizbeth Upitis' KAL for Latvian Mittens over this year's camp tote. This is one terrific tote! I love the pockets. Already it is holding my Yoke sweater project for which some of the J&S shetland bought at camp but not nearly all shown here is meant.

Catch a glimpse of this year's t-shirt! If you were here, you'd see it in person since I have it on today. These two blues really go well with all the denim in the dresser drawers. There was more than one color possible to order, but this was my favorite color combination of this year's choices.

Other yarn is Jamieson's 2 ply Shetland and Satakieli cast on for M'Lou's Art Deco Tam. (Guess it wasn't too soon to show!) The Jamieson's I bought, admittedly, is more than one skein. Just one is shown here. The plan for the Jamieson's is a sweater color-based on a picture of blue cheese. I don't mind the laughter I'm hearing, telling that. We also have the 5x7 note pad and free samples off the back table.

I had to grab some fascinating books. Beautiful Sheep is a lovely 'coffee table' book. The Herbert Niebling lace patterns are so lovely I wilt. Then the wonderful SHPP of the Dale Long sweater and the 2 socks at once one inside the other fill out this year's patterns. I know. Was I sick? I usually buy more books than this. Hmmm. I must work on this.

The Cardigan Details DVD has some techniques shown in it that I have needed some review for producing them, so this DVD was on my pre-camp list!

And the needles are too good to be last, but something has to be! The Pryn (Inox) needles I bought to fill in some holes and for duplicated of much-used sizes. The KnitPicks Harmony needles are my wonderful, never imagined but greatly appreciated prize for the Recycled Knits contest entry, the recycle garden flag.

We had the Best time this year. DH and I agree that it was not only the best part of our summer, but, our best camp yet. DH? Yes, DH asks all the time who I've heard from that day. He loves knitters.


yarn elf said...

Such a collection of things to remind you of the special time you had this year.

Started the two at one time on dpns and need to get back so can show and tell.

Can never have to many needles or to much yarn can we? Books are an investment that will last years.

yarn elf said...
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Bobbi said...

Once we get things settled with our housing situation, my hope is to start saving for things like Camp again...I'll NEED some time without kids next summer to recharge.

Linda said...

And the knitters love DH!