Monday, June 09, 2008

Faroese shawl Neck-scarf

Last year at Retreat 2.75, Meg's DVD "Knitting Lace with Meg Swansen" was due momentarily and Meg gave us a handout for this neckscarf. (See it in this picture, which you can 'embiggen', as always.) Many at 2.75 tried it.

I didn't attempt it at that time, but I was able to get the DVD at camp, as it arrived during our session. I admit I've been looking at the DVD more lately, and as getting my notebook ready for camp and reviewing last year, I pulled out this handout. I've also watched this section of the DVD twice. There will be a third viewing for the row that includes Amy's centered eyelet.

There are times when I wished I'd knitted a shawl in 'my' colors since I have knitted the pi shawl in neutrals and the pi are square shawl in blue and white. I'd been looking for a project for the Joslyn's alpaca I won at Camp 1. Hmmm. Fairly typical to form, I chose another yarn.

This time I chose the Sedona Fiesta Baby Boom that Linda sent me not long ago. I'm still not sure if it will work in lace and the Susan Bates size 10 1/2 circular needle that I've had "forever" is very clunky since I'm used to 0-6's. Truthfully, I did Google and check Ravelry for the possibilities of using this yarn in lace. I did find one Forest Canopy shawl that looked pretty good; so, I'm hoping this will be a 'winner'.

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Linda said...

Sweet! The yarn is so sproingy though I wonder how it will hold a block?