Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Meanderings

It's not even noon and there's a lot going on!

We left early this morning for Russ' yearly PET scan in New Kensington.
Then brekky.

A garter snake glided across my path by the pond this morning. Of course, I didn't have the camera with me at that moment.

Now onward for some things accomplished before the spotty showers return this afternoon. Last night's spotty showers were a two and a half hour downpour with frequent crashing and lighting up of the dusky landscape.
In the meantime...

Here is the other clematis blooming. It is the older of the two and obviously a later bloomer!

The very first day lily flower greets the morning sunshine.

The very first daisy is also greeting the day by the pond.

And the newest sock project joins the brigade by the Asiatic lilies that are blooming by the driveway. (Click on any picture to enlarge, as always.)

This is STR lightweight in the Tatania colorway. Not summer like colors, but bright! (And a bit too much purple, but I like the colorway, anyway!) Sock is a combination of patterns and being knitted on "0" DPN's.


yarn elf said...

At least your green is better than the big dust storm that happened here along with the lighting caused fires.

I agree the color way is nice and working up in an intresting pattern. Kind of like a sormy sky. Good contrast in the picture.

Layl said...

yup, i like this sock colorway too.