Friday, June 06, 2008

Now Blocking

We have a 2008 2.75 name tag!

Before the sun wilts the Nearly Wild roses and volunteer buttercups in the predicted record-tieing 93 degree, 70% humidity afternoon, the Latvian mitten wanted to make its appearance as a FO!

Just in case the name tag should flip over, as name tags on lanyiers are wont to do, here is the back of the mitten with my initials.

The statistics:

*Mitten is from the SHP KAL with Lizbeth Upitis, May 2008. The pattern is from the SHP website (Graph 19, District of Vidzeme from Lizzie's book "Latvian Mittens"), except for the lettering which is based upon a Celtic alphabet. Mitten is shortened for its purpose as a name tag. It also does not have a thumb because of its purpose.
*Knit on size 0 DPNs (I did use bamboo, but metal is suggested since a tight grip on the needles has a tendency to snap bamboo.)
*KnitPicks Palette yarn
* Started 5/30/08, Finished 6/6/08 as last ends woven in at 12:15 AM

*Caution: Latvian mitten knitting is addictive.


Layl said...

Didn't that packet of yarns turn out lovely together - what a great colorway. and it will be totally unusual from the other standard nametags. the extra work was worth it. still love the loopy fringe.

yarn elf said...

A neat name tag and you got to learn something new in a small form. Wish more people would relize that they could learn something by doing a smal projec. I aggree the colors blend well and that green fringe sets if off well