Sunday, June 08, 2008

Oh. My. Goodness.

Oh. My. Goodness. but the postal person deserved a hug yesterday!

This first picture shows my winnings for a blog contest from Bobbi at Krafty1. I first met Bobbi at Meg's Camp 1 in 2005, so this was especially fun!

A few weeks ago she had a contest to guess the closest date of when she would have her first daffodil blooming in her Midwest area home. I was closest by one day.

My winnings include a skein of Meilenweit Magic sock yarn, a packet of sheepy cards she made, a cute beaded and charmed "Bloomin'Beader"--great for attaching to bags of all sorts fibery, and a Hershey's 5 candy sheepy egg! Thank you Krafty1 !

I was expecting Bobbi's package, but this next one included a double surprise.

An envelope from Gwen (and Cathy), Knitting camp mates,discovered some prezzies for Russ and me!

The first one with the white peony is grey and black Lorna's Laces millend sock yarn in grey and black. Especially chosen by Gwen for a pair of socks for Russ, he said, "Just my colors! Knit them thin enough and I'll wear them!" He encourages my fiber pursuits, but doesn't wear any of them.

Then these two skeins with the pink peony are Gypsy Girl Creations yarn in Watermelon Tourmaline that Gwen and Cathy found at The Fold in Marengo, Illinois.

Thank you, Guys, big, big hugs at camp in the next few weeks.

I am bowled over speechless with the generosity of knitting friends. (Of all the women Russ has met, and they are many, he thinks knitters are the best! And male knitters are pretty cool, too.)


Layl said...

knitters? it's a bonding thing.
what a wonderful day you had - prize superlative and then a friend box pezzent --- you are indeed blessed with the people around you and we are blessed to have you in our circle.

Nancy said...

yarn elf said...

Ah yes knitters like to share, it is kind of a special family that so many people do not have any more. Such a wonderful day for you and dh