Thursday, June 19, 2008


Looking forward to summer and the hot temps we have only seen four days of so far, has meant that there's more than enough time to come up with projects we want to accomplish. Since the neck scarf, I've been reading and thinking and planning and getting some chores accomplished.

Russ has been even busier.

But here's a bit of nature around the hacienda.

Walls of volunteer honeysuckle braced by the state cyclone fence.

Volunteer ferns 'neath the lilacs.

And the result of the barberry bush (which Russ hated 'cause it would jump out and scratch him like jumping cholla) not wintering over well...

Three weeks till the beginning of 2.75.

Can h-a-r-d-l-y wait!


Layl said...

with the bright springy mitts - thought you might, in your planning now, include some colorwork for your fairisle & since you had used some of the yarns in the colorway packet.

yarn elf said...

Ah the green you have waited so long for has arrived so will 2.75.
Maybe some new ideas for your fairisle, as this was the season you chose your colors from. Maybe some new ideas or projects will come from camp also. Can understand how time can drag.