Friday, June 13, 2008

Neck to Neck

Meg Swansen's Faroese Shawl Neck Scarf from her DVD is a finished object! Actually, she was finished about 5:45 last night, then blocked on a super-size bath towel.

I had been concerned that the sock yarn, Fiesta Baby Boom, being such a sproingy yarn, wouldn't hold a blocking. There was no cause for concern. She blocked at 42 1/2". I didn't put pins in her, just had her on the towel. By this morning she was dry and had gone to 38 1/2". Still, she fits on the shoulders nicely. For a more shawl-like length, probably adding two diamond repeats would do it.

Here, we see the neck scarf enjoying June late afternoon sun perched on ever-entwining wisteria with wonderful mock orange in the background. Click to embiggen, as always.

Knit on a 10 1/2 24" Susan Bates circular needle
Yarn is Fiesta Baby Boom, colorway "Sedona" (a wonderful surprise from Linda)
Begun June 7, 2008
Finished June 12, 2008
Pattern from "Knitting Lace with Meg Swansen" DVD (copyright 2007, available from Schoolhouse Press.


yarn elf said...

The colors are you. Nice and lacy and seemed to block well. As always you do such a wonderful job.

Nancy said...

Thank you! Appreciate your liking it!

Joanne said...

Beautiful! Thanks for showing it to the world.:) Thanks too for your lovely b-day wishes for my professor. He appreciates it!

N. Maria said...

Wow! Any pattern of Meg's or Elizabeth's is wonderful......and look what you did with it.