Sunday, June 01, 2008

Latvian June the First

And the newest project is (pregnant pause for envelope opening)...

A Latvian mitten from the Schoolhouse Press KAL with Lizbeth Upitis! Although the KAL is 'officially' complete, it is still available on the website as well as previous KAL's, which are archived.

As per suggested, I am using size 0 doublepoints. For yarn, KnitPicks Palette makes its debut here. In 2005 Knitpicks was still a new-ish company and was giving away $100. gift certificates to be used on their site. I couldn't believe it, but I won one month! That kept me looking at their site and when the beautiful sampler came out, I had to order it for dreaming.

On this mitten I learned how to accomplish the fringe and the braid. The fringe wasn't really difficult at all, just time consuming, more so at beginning. It actually looks pretty good!

The next mitten row introduces color number 3, but only 2 colors per row.

Enjoy the clematis!


Layl said...

I truly do like the loopy fringe and braid following - looks very difficult and custom-made. Colors are unexpected but pretty too.

yarn elf said...

Yes the fringe and braid is going to be a mice off set to the mitten. The green should be a nice off set to a winter day. Think spring.