Friday, May 30, 2008

Sock Eye Candy

...and I don't mean salmon!

Seriously, I wanted to get back to this sock that has been waiting patiently for my return since April 29th when Miss Scarlett was cast on. (Click to embiggen, as always.) That heel needed to be turned so I can pick it up for 'mindless knitting' moments instead of my next project which may go on the needles tonight. No, not sayin' what it is till it's happening.

Sock is STR lightweight, knits like a dream on 0's for me.

Sock #1 is posing on the spirea bush which blooms once a year and often gets rained out. Should it get rained upon, the flowers are gone. There are many years when it does not get to bloom. Tonight there are to be thunderstorms, so this afternoon's bright sun and temps headed upward toward the much-desired 80's, seemed most appropriate for the bush's blog-glory.


handknitter said...

I just remembered that I hadn't ordered a Camp sweatshirt yet. The link wasn't on the website anymore, so I sent an e-mail. I hope it works!

I'm out of town, using the hotel's "business center" for blog reading. That's business, right?

yarn elf said...

A nice bright spring colored sock. Must be all smiles as no purple. Yes the mindless knitting to allow time to go blank and relax.