Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Scarlett Surrounded

Sun has returned for today with a twenty degree rise in temperature, i.e., to normal/average.

First, the azalea is starting to open. It has done well all these years on the north-facing house wall.

Miss Scarlett is spread out on the top of the azalea, enjoying a flower of her namesake part of the country, the South. Her back is finished, awaiting the front and neckline. The front bodice area has begun.

Under the lilacs, just to the east of the azalea, are volunteer ferns. They began coming up as one little fern a few years ago. I am pleased to see they are spreading.

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yarn elf said...

Miss Scarlett has indeed gone bananas Such progress and looking so nice. A nice light color for summer. The pink sets it off well. I think I am getting spring fever from all the nice shots of spring in PA. Sigh green grass- flowers- fern- trees. Outside my window the dust haze caused by wind.