Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No SSS here!

That's right! No SSS here!

In this case SSS means "Second Sleeve Syndrome"! SSS can also stand for Second Sock Syndrome -- both of which indicate that if the second item isn't cast on simultaneously or immediately after the first one, then dreading doing it all over again tends to put the whole item into the WIP (Work In Progress) then quickly into the hibernation stack. (As always, click on photo to embiggen/show detail!)

"Go Bananas, Miss Scarlett" was cast on April 29th, and the goal has been to have her finished by May 29th. There are 6 more rows on this sleeve, so there is a good possibility she could be done as early as tomorrow. Here's hoping!

The lilacs in the blue antique vase were brought to me yesterday by Chris and fellow driver Dan who came over to join the Memorial Day celebration hotdog grilling. Chris' Japanese lilac tree produced them. The leaves and flowers are smaller than the lilacs we are familiar with and are stronger perfumed... took these almost no time to perfume the entire house. Chris said that there is a saying that if you find a five petaled lilac flower, you should pick and eat it for good luck!

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Linda said...

Lovely! Both the sweater and the flowers. Glad to hear you had a nice holiday.

Only 44 days till camp....