Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Creating Fiber

Better get those planted!

When we went to the open air nursery, buying the hanging baskets, we also bought other plants. I had planted the lobedia and the parsley. Tomato plants, lettuce and marigolds were still on the porch.

There was a developing problem. After 5 days of sun (at which point the ground was just becoming nicely tillable), we had 3" rain. Then one day of sun yesterday followed by blue skies at dawn this morning. By breakfast the clouds were gathering. By itself this isn't a problem. The problem is the forecast rain/storms today through (whenever....) Russ re-tilled a couple garden rows and I planted the starts. Then he re-tilled a few more garden rows to cut down on the thousands of 'weedlings' sprouting.

While I was planting, Russ took the wheelbarrow and loaded a pile of yard stuff I'd had in the side yard. Then while he was re-tilling, I pruned a native blackberry bush and a few 10 foot canes of the rose bush that were growing over a barberry. Poor barberry didn't make it through the winter well so will be removed one of these days. Russ is thrilled -- he hates that bush! It reaches out and scratches him while he's mowing if he isn't very careful. (Yes, it could be a jumping cholla cactus with its predictably drawing blood.)

In the wake of predicted showers each day through next Tuesday according to the weather radio report just broadcast, the need to think of happy things is strong.

Let's dream of knitting camp!

Pictured here are the four name tags I've made for camp in the past. Three were made for Camp 1 and the faux fair isle for Camp 2 and onward! They are posed on the knitting tote with Elizabeth Zimmermann's most famous quotation.

And so I will Kniton2!


yarn elf said...

Future rain will get them settled in and off to good start. I am guessing you are enjoying the spring you waited for so long. Yes-it takes time to have a nice yard and garden. Maybe you will come up with a few color combinations for your next Camp Name Tag. Are you starting to get camp fever all ready?

Penny said...

I have been doing quite a bit of thinking about knit camp. It really will be here before we know it! I can hardly wait and there is so much I want to do before then!

Linda said...

I am *so* ready for camp!!