Thursday, May 29, 2008

Going Bananas (Miss Scarlett)

A month to the day...Miss Scarlett is an FO!

OK, I admit she's not quite an FO...she has a few more ends to weave in and she needs to be dressed.

Russ took this shot this morning after breakfast...I have to time my photo shoots around my camera guy's schedule during the school year.

The (K)nitty Gritty:

Pattern -- Miss Scarlett
By -- Just Call Me Ruby
Available on Ravelry
4.0 and 6.0 Addi Turbo circular needles
Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (20% merino and 80% cotton)
Size -- Medium
Started April 29, 2008
Finished May 29, 2008

Yes, I do plan on wearing it at 2.75 this summer!


Linda said...

Wow! Looks great!

I'm impressed with the sleeves. That easing in at the top is more work than I like to tackle.

Nancy said...

And amazingly enough, that easing at the top is super simple -- it's just k3tog!!!

Layl said...

I too am impressed by it all. And i see the Paris Model has returned to PA excellent - hope she doesn't charge you an arm and a leg to model your beautiful things!!! However, if she would open her ojos, we could see the smile in them also and a job sooo well done.

yarn elf said...

SSS did not prevail. Yes, the Paris Model is doing a great job. Love the high scale looks of this project. As always an excellent job completed.