Sunday, May 04, 2008

Honeysuckle rose

It had been planned for a week. Janie had called wanting to know if I wanted to come with her to the Three Sisters Spring festival near Freeport. We were waiting to hear how the developing weather would effect our traveling since the front had brought such devastation to areas of the Midwest. Luckily, although we had some rain and wind, during the festival time it was just a sometime drizzle.

Janie found some 'primitive' goodies that go with her family room decor. I found this English Baby Tears that fits right into the kitchen window right now. As the sun shifts more toward its summer positioning, I'll move it to another window.

Then this morning I cut lots of rhubarb for several families at church. I needed to finish the rhubarb I had cut for us earlier in the week and the strawberries Russ had gotten near Uniontown last Saturday; so I baked another strawberry rhubarb crumble for dessert the next couple days.

I didn't knit any at all last night! I did look through the latest "Interweave Knits" that has Franklin's most excellent article on Meg Swansen's Schoolhouse Press in its 50th anniversary year.

"Go Bananas, Miss Scarlett" is coming right along, though. Just one more 4 row repeat and I'll be ready for 10 rows of 1x1 ribbing. (As always, click any photo to embiggen!)

She's pictured in the honeysuckle and wild rose bushes on the side of the house.

Five years ago I'd seen a rose bush peeping through up on the hill before Russ had mowed the first time of the season. I dug it up and transplanted it to this southwest corner of the house, which is always the hottest side. As it turns out, the rose bush wants to take over the neighborhood. It's in a great place for it to be shading the house! Then last year, I discovered that a root from the honeysuckle bush that had long been thought to have been removed decades ago, was just waiting to re-emerge. I have left them intertwine. The birds love to get into the bushes and the honeysuckle brings the hummingbirds.

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yarn elf said...

All kinds of spring--plants, wildlife, goodies, and of course Go Bananas, Miss Scarlett.

Miss Scarlett is doing well and looks real nice. The pale color will bring out your beauty well.