Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Just a glorious May day

This Spring has been the most perfect one here in Southwestern Pennsyltucky I have ever experienced!

The lilacs we've been watching are in full bloom and fragrance. Just waking up in the morning to real lilac wafting through the window is so wonderful and invigorating! There's a smile on my face immediately!

The rhododendron is also in full flower. I'd shown it just starting to bloom with the beginnings of "Go Bananas, Miss Scarlett" about a week ago. Both have been blooming since then. Miss Scarlett is heading toward the armholes, about 20 more rows to the needle split. This rhododendron was planted in the mid-1960's. Although it hasn't grown dramatically like some varieties, it has been faithful, blooming for each Mother's Day.

Yews on the northwest wall of the front porch, next to the rhododendron, are also 'candling', getting their fresh foliage. I have my knitting notebook there because...Miss Scarlett is the last project in this journal! Oh, the other WIP's are in there, too. But the next project started will be in the journal I've been waiting to use, the journal Schoolhouse Press put out last year. It is set up differently than this one with tips and knitters graph paper and needle sizes plus other good things that the current journal doesn't have.

I noticed late afternoon yesterday that some of the wisteria is just beginning to bloom. The azalea has full flower buds as well. We're planning a trip to the month-long open air nursery this afternoon where I hope to find my fuchsia hanging basket for the hummingbirds!


Linda said...

That looks much nicer than the two inches of rain we've had this morning...

yarn elf said...

Green with envy comes to mind. All this spring color and smell. Much better than all white.

A history kept of all knitting could be intresting to see how far you advanced over the years.