Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wisteria Plus on Saturday

Just at noon the cloud deck ended with glorious blue skies overhead. However, you won't see the true blue in these photos, just the end of the clouds with our first sun of the day.

This is the weekend of the wisteria blooming. All Spring, Summer and Fall I spend time cutting, pulling, whacking back the wisteria from the other side of the state fence. Wisteria will strangle and kill trees. But I do let it bloom first. This first picture is of a wisteria cluster in our yard, hanging over the state fence. (Click any to embiggen!)

It's really amazing how the wisteria "shinnies up" trees and then beautifies the atmosphere. Flower clusters are sweet smelling and even burning the fast-growing tendrils produces a sweet, fruity odor. (One of those things like kudzu which is beautiful when blooming but deadly to its host.)

One of the few wonders of the area between us and the 4 way (Rt. 56) is the volunteer trees. Here is our volunteer buckeye in bloom and producing fruit.

Lastly... see, I was able to find the fuchsia, indeed!

"Go Bananas, Miss Scarlett" is just about ready for the front/back split...just a couple more rows. I am getting so antsy to start the Latvian mitten KAL over at Schoolhouse Press that I can hardly stand it. The pattern is intriguing and the conversation on the KAL group is really good. It's as if we're sitting in Lizbeth Upitis' living room or on her porch.

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yarn elf said...

wisteria there a weed almost and here I can hardly get it to grow-never has bloomed- Amazing what water can do.

Latvian mitten KAL, another project in the planning stage, maybe shortly can begin. Agree it does look intresting.