Monday, May 19, 2008

Missy Monday

This rotten weather is about to take everyone's sanity, even though we get peeks of sunshine. It's past the middle of May with an average high of 71 and it's 48 right now with a gusty breeze still in the neighborhood.

What the wind did overnight was to bring down a couple small branches plus this monster. This is a blooming branch from the choke cherry right over the fence. Just for comparison's sake, the small cherry tree near it is 4 feet tall.

With happier news, another Missy is pictured here to the left, "Go Bananas, Miss(y) Scarlett" is on sleeve #1. It is within a couple rows of decreasing for the sleeve cap. I'm knitting the sleeve on a #6 16" Addi circular.

The ribbing on the cuff matches the ribbing on the bottom of the body. From then on, it's round and round we go....

1 comment:

Layl said...

Have to say, the ribbing appears to be a special stitch? it looks lacey from here and the color is so summery and will be really great w/your coloring. vanilla ice cream!