Saturday, January 03, 2009

1st 2009 Saturday Sky

Today brought a beautiful clear sky but temperatures in the low 30's.

It ended up being an afternoon to run over to the nearest Wally World to check out the items in their circular. Sure enough, they did still have a couple 7-drawer chests and plastic Christmas tree boxes. The 7-drawer chest will be the first of 'more'. DH saw them first at Linda's and thinks they would be a perfect design feature for my yarn stash. We dragged one of each around the store while also purchasing a new 13" TV for the bedroom and then over to the Produce department for some apples, oranges and avocados.

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yarn elf said...

I take it we are trying to start the new year right and be in order. Will be nice to see yarn and know what is where.

Wonder how many old running tvs will be no good in a month?