Friday, January 30, 2009

Some progress anyway... the knitting department.

Bella Coola Socks are finished!
(Click to embiggen!)

Important sock statistics:

Bella Coola Socks
Socks That Rock mediumweight 380 yards per skein, 90% skein used.
Needles = size 0 Skacel doublepoints
Pattern = Batik Stripey Socks by Bowerbird as seen on her blog and Ravelry.
Cast On Sock#1 December 22, 2008, Bind Off January 6, 2009
Cast On Sock#2 January 6, 2009, Bind Off January 29, 2009

The very best thing about these socks is that because there is a purl row every 11th row, it is extremely easy to remember where one is in the patterning and especially to match the socks, row for row.

A new sock has been cast on, which will be named Fire Sox, Sock #1.

Now the opposite in temperature... it is snowing yet again and 29 degrees. That's yet more snow coming down on top of the ice still on tree limbs and snow from earlier since neither had temperatures warm enough to melt very much. I already cleaned the front sidewalk once and put deicer in a couple spots. DH just did it again before leaving on kindy run. Roads went from 'just wet' with deicer this morning to treacherous now.
And the prognosticators tell us Monday's storm could be much worse. (Monday is February 2nd, Groundhog Day. Hey, Phil, give us an early Spring...puh-leeze?)



yarn elf said...

Yes, much of the US needs an early spring this year.

Such a nice job on the socks, I do like the color.

Will be thinking of DH out on those roads, which are not the best at this time.

Linda said...

Ooh - pretty socks!

You guys stay warm and safe.