Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crystal Palace

Our world is a crystal palace with an occasional branch crashing to the crunchy ground. The pictures were taken at 8 AM.

It's been raining for over twelve hours. This is not a good thing. When it started to rain, it had already been snowing and it was 23 degrees. The warm air started to override the cold air. Freezing rain is the result. Looking out the window at the bottom of the stairs, we see ice covered everything.

From the front porch, the salt spreading patterns are in the roadway and the icicles are forming on the awning.

The lilac bushes are showing signs of Spring reawakening on their branches and are protected from the cold today by their crystal coating.

School has been cancelled for today. Considering that our road is normally one of the better kept rural roads, I can only imagine what most of the district roads are like.

The best knitting news is that Lesson #1 went to the post office yesterday morning before this mess began.


yarn elf said...

Nice to see, but not so nice to have to deal with on daily basis. It has been winter there this year. I hope spring comes quickly for you.

WOW The new start to the year is going well. One lesson sent off is a bright spot in the day.

Linda said...

I was wondering about you guys. Our main roads are pretty good, but the side roads/neighborhoods? UGH! Supposed to hit 40 today, so if the sun burns off these clouds we should get a big improvement.

Then 60 on Saturday.