Thursday, January 01, 2009

What're ya doin'...

On this New Year's Day, I wish you a fiber-filled, energetic year complete with learning, joy and happiness.

Although I don't make a list of resolutions or goals or anything like that, I have found it intriguing that I am not the only one to feel energized as New Year approaches and sort and clean some, even before decorations are down!

This year my learning will be to finally stop procrastinating and to work on the TKGA courses. Santa brought the Basics course. I wanted this one first as it will program me for the Levels and I will be in sync with the program. We Virgos need to have a handle on things. (Go ahead, make all the Virgo jokes, I'll wait....) Yarn Elf will be working on it, too! Camp registration is the first full week of February. Ravelry makes the knitting world like a knitting group.

Still there are a couple of WIPs awaiting. The Bella Coola Sock#1 is growing. More on her later.

...better go check the sauerkraut and ribs....


Linda said...

Hmmm...I've been thinking about working through the Master Knitters stuff too...maybe I'll join y'all.

Sauerkraut and ribs???? Is that some kind of regional new years torture thing? ;)

yarn elf said...

The New Year always brings new hope.

No goals or resolutions but thoughts of new projects that can change through the year.

Learning should be an on going processin one's life. I know it is in the shop.

WIP waiting this is the story of any fiber artist. Can not wait to hear more.