Saturday, January 10, 2009

Change from last Saturday

It's a Winter Wonderland right now.

Quite a difference from last Saturday's clear blue skies, isn't it?

The snow started about 5 last night as a snow mist and continued that way for hours. This morning we had about two inches and DH got the snow blower out. Poor snow blower wasn't used all last winter at all. But it worked just fine this morning. The Township came through several times and our road was bare until this snow started about half an hour ago. The radar shows this snow may well turn to freezing rain as the temperature has risen from 28 to 30.

Just an excellent day for knitting, it is.


Linda said...

Ugh! It was 75 here Friday, then 30 something yesterday. At least we don't have that icky white slicky stuff.

yarn elf said...

Looks like a picture postcard to me. Figure you wished it was a postcard so it could be put away and go back to summer or maybe spring.