Friday, January 16, 2009

Fibery Day

It's the coldest day in 15 years. The official temperature at Pittsburgh International was Minus 8. Windchills are from -10 to -35. The school district was actually smart to cancel classes today about 9:30 last night. Of course now everyone has to follow the school calendar and use Monday (MLK Day) as a snow day. Actually, that beats taking a day from Spring Break.

Looking out one of the upper hallway windows, we see Jack Frost at work on the window and the snowy landscape. Despite the cold we are still receiving 1-3 inches of snow per day/night. This morning we watched frozen frost falling. Frozen frost is jewel-like frost that blows like snow or mist when there is a sunny, blue sky.

Yesterday, I finished plying some gifted roving from several years ago. Because there isn't all that much of it, it dried overnight. Perhaps this vibrant, warm color will warm us this white day.

Now it's time to block some swatches....

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