Thursday, January 22, 2009


after several weeks of way below average temperatures, we might actually see 35 today!

(Picture heavy post. Click on any photo to 'embiggen'!)

It doesn't really matter too much what the temperature is for a collie dog. Tawny just enjoys lying in the shade and in the snow. He'll take his trek around the yard, but he won't lie in the sun.

The top peak is melting faster than the snow-covered downspouts can carry the runoff. And these icicles are growing today. When I was a child the icicles actually reached the ground a couple times. The north and east roof is still totally snow covered with no icicles.

Along the River Road, the water runs through the rocks at all times of the year to drain into the Kiski River, as shown in these three shots.

Just north of the ice is this barn with its Mail Pouch tobacco ad still barely visible. It is one of the few of this Americana left around here.

And finally, a bit of knitting content!

The last three swatches for Basics, Basics, Basics Lesson #1 are blocking. Just because these are blocking doesn't mean that one or more won't be redone. What do you think?


yarn elf said...

I see such an Inspiration
in your pictures. Did you realize you icicles and your homework have the same shape. Your swatches are coming along well, and of course we are our own worst judge.

Even in the winter there is beauty in the country side, though the cold may not always be welcome.

Linda said...

That is absolutely gorgeous.

I love you dear, but you can keep it. ALL of it. That's just way too cold for me!

Umm....why would you redo the swatches? They look good from here.

Joanne said...

That is gorgeous! Thank you for those winter photos. :) Thanks too for your nice notes on my blog lately. It's nice to be reassured when it comes to feeling like the 3 headed alien...!

We are definitely in the thick of it right now, I am surprised that we still have our electricity, phone and internet. Plus, there's more to come tonight and tomorrow. The crashing of tree limbs is really something to hear!