Thursday, October 18, 2007

Before I forget

What we have here is my "dressing" Apache Mimbres vest sans buttons, original work from Meg Swansen. It is particularly sweet to me in the woven tale of its conception. The basic story has been told on Linda's blog It is worked in quebecoise yarn from and is originally published in the Interweave Press (soon to be out of print) book, Meg Swansen's Knitting, available from Schoolhouse Press. Although my "Apache Mimbres" was started in March of 2006 and finished September 16, 2007, there were many projects which intervened. WIP's have be abounding. Since Camp, though, almost everything has been a WIP (or the 1st of a pair) to be finished.

Sigh....just 1238 invites before me to Ravelry. No, I just don't see me photographing each and every skein of yarn. There's waayyy too much handspun lurking about. (Maybe I shouldn't photograph it at all or Dolores and Harry will be arriving from Chicago to roll around in its lusciousness!) To the right is my handspun 'Petroglyph' yarn I handspun last month from some of Lisa Souza's handpainted merino roving. The backdrop in the picture is some golden rod mixed in with some of the Rose of Sharon bushes.

Didn't work on the Trekking sock last night, but did knit on the mitten (yes, I will post pics...) from EZ's Knitting Around. That is my very favorite EZ book. I can hardly wait till the DVD arrives in November (hopefully)! And Meg and Joyce Williams' Armenian Knitting should be arriving shortly. Oh boy, oh boy!


Terry & Jonesy said...

Beautiful Mimbres and Gansey! Welcome to blogland where I look forward to seeing more of your FOs. My dearly departed cat Niki (for whom we named our boat Niki Wiki) was also a black & white kitty.

Terry - Retreat 2.75 too!

Nancy said...

Thanks, Terry! Bet kitty-sitting your friends' cat was great for you! It's going to be great fun working with the blog!

Layl said...

Looks like a great harvest yarn fruit on this yarn tree....