Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Move On Over

Overseer Nikki is guarding the FO gansey beginning this tome!

I had been wanting to knit a gansey when Liz Lovick taught a gansey course online through a knitting list. And then I went back through my many magazines to find this one by Priscilla Gibson Roberts in an early Knitter's Magazine. I ordered the red Wendy Guernsey yarn and took off.... but the several other projects rose like cream to the top of the knitting queue. Gansey didn't become a FO until after Meg's Knitting Retreat 2.75 this year. (See for camp details)

OK, so you-all keep asking me when I am going to have a blog. Please note that this was created in 2005! By accident! In 2005 I didn't have a digital camera. Well, my DH gave me a digital camera for Christmas in 2005 but I still hadn't posted. Oh, yes, I posted on Zimmermania and on Knit Addict (Hey, Linda!) and lots upon lots of blog comments.

Just never jumped in here.

Long ago when I first started identifying myself, I used 'fibernation' and talked about 'fibernating'. So, a logical progression has been to name this blog 'Fibernating'.

And many more details to come.

1 comment:

Linda said...

Heh heh heh....she's been won over to the dark side...

Looking forward to watching your stuffs!!