Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday, Monday

It's current project time! Taken yesterday, this is Trekking XXL. Sock #1 is being knit on zero-sized dpn's for ribbing and 1 1/2's for leg in stockinette. I'm getting 12 rows to the inch! Yikes!

I just love how the jeweltone nasturtiums have bloomed this year. They were a very good choice for some of the flowers around the pond. Also in the sock pic is an African daisy. I do like them, too, even though they don't spread. Unfortunately, there is some yard creature that likes to eat them for late night snack. Maybe the crazy bunnies who like to nest under the cinnamon ferns and then lose their young to Tawny's snacking forays.... That's him up there --- innocent looking handsome fella, is he not?

Last night late I got my invitation to and am 'fibernating'. Now, if I can just get my portrait pic up....

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Linda said...

Who is that gorgeous dog???