Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lilac leaves

Oh, yes, it's Saturday of Rhinebeck but I'm not there. The thermometer reads 60 yet the wind is blowing after the storm fronts passed through so it feels cold outside.
The 20 foot tall lilacs on the North are rustling against windows. They're just getting tingled with dull maroon. Not as pretty as they are in the Spring when they're brimming with lavender blooms.
I finally finished my Lilac Leaf socks that I'd started as one of my take-along projects for Meg's Knitting Camp this past summer. The leg pattern is called Lilac Leaves from Jeanie Townsend. STR sock yarn "Monsoon" from one of this year's club offerings knit on 0 dpn's make them what they are.
I'm not all that fond of the color of this yarn. I'm really not a purple person. So many of the STR Socks That Rock Club offerings have purple in them that I really don't think I'll join again next year. project wish list is more along the lines of handspun and alpaca and ... and... and...

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Linda said...

I guess I'm going to have to break down and order some of the STR. You know I can probably find someone to take some of that purply yarn off your hands... ;-)