Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lucy Sox

Meet Lucy STR colorway socks in the Broadripple pattern.

Lucy is Wendy Johnson's Ragdoll kitty and the Blue Moon Fiber Arts ladies developed a colorway in Lucy's honor.

The Broadripple pattern is one that Rob from Threadbear developed at the Broadripple Festival in Indianapolis and was published on Knitty.

This summer the first Lucy sock was one I'd started for take-along knitting on the Wisconsin knitting retreat trek and I finished both of them in September! August, September and October have been good finishing months this year!

Growing up, my first pet that was entirely "mine" was my first Siamese cat named Ming Toy. I was two. So, thought that Lucy was entirely appropriate. Plus, my mother had made the Siamese on plastic canvas in the background of the picture that has a brick in the bottom to be used as a doorstop.

It is very, very grey today and dark no matter whether inside or outside, so will have to tease here... the mail brought packages. One is yummy from my self-proclaimed Yarn Elf and the other is the STR package. Sigh. Basically purple again. Sigh. (I do NOT like purple.)

(And, I have links in this post, but I don't think they're coming through...)


Linda said...

You just keep rubbing in you're getting purple yarn! Careful...Amy will come raid your house. I'll be her driver for a cut of the take.

Knitman said...

I am glad you restarted your blog. Your work is lovely, and the colourway here on this ripple sock is excellent.


sherriknits said...

Thanks for the invite ... your blog is starting out just great!