Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mr. Postman

AH, yes, Mr. Postman was very good yesterday to bring these two packages to fill up the mailbox! I love packages!

On the left is from my ex-LYS who has proclaimed himself "Yarn Elf". It's difficult to say World Wide Hobbies in Willcox, AZ is my Local Yarn Store since I moved 2100 miles away! But Kevin knows my colors are earthtones and naturals and blue/greens, so has shared a skein of forest green Misti Alpaca (100% baby alpaca) and a skein of Skacel Merino Lace, really the same color. He sent along a "Knitscene" magazine for ideas...

Maybe I don't need to be prodded in the idea department since they're dancing like sugarplums in my head.... maybe the alpaca could be a dickey that would be so cuddly on February days...mmmmm. Maybe the Merino Lace could be the Fibertrends sheep shawl I'd purchased the pattern for so long ago. mmmm. ...just thinkin'....

The picture on the right is the Socks That Rock club packet. The pattern is by the Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and looks terrific. I'd taken one look at the yarn color and I'd been disgusted. Purple. Then I picked up the pattern later and saw Stephanie said the yarn was black (Well, it is called 'Lenore', based upon the Poe poem...). I looked at my skein again in two different lights. Mine's purple with a little black and a little red-purple (see above). Love the little spiders that came with!

I did send off an email to Blue Moon Fiber Arts last night and Tina responded this morning, saying the purple-eggplant was only where the colors converged. There was an awfully lot of converging on my skein. Sigh. I LOVE STR and the people who work at and are Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Great, caring people. But I intensely dislike purple. Not their fault.

I've really tried to overcome this dislike for me and purple. I've even included purple in my June fair isle vest I'm working on designing because of the phlox that were blooming (more on that in more posts). I know there are those who luv, luv, luv purple. And they look good in it. And I love them for their passion. I think purple sends me right into the Addams family.... Give me Orange! Give me Yellow! Give me Browns! Give me Teal! Give me Blues! ...just don't give me poiple (sp on poipose!) or pink!

Great news from the website of Schoolhouse Press -- the Armenian Knitting book is being shipped....AND...Meg is doing a KAL on designing and knitting a Christmas stocking!!! Now, how cool is that? Love it!

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Karen said...

Hi! Just popped over from the Townsend list. I am a huge purple fan. I just had a thought - is there a black yarn (or other suitable Socks that Rock colorway?) that you would rather have for this pattern? I would be happy to engineer a swap for the purple you don't care for. I don't think I have anything mostly black in my "yarn treasury", but I would be happy to order up something and have it shipped to you and make an exchange. Just let me know (karen dot KVL at verizon dot net).

Having said that, I have two other suggestions for the yarn: knit it up anyway and give the socks to someone who loves purple, or knit it up anyway just because often these exotic colourways look quite different once knitted.

I am serious about the swap idea, though.

Thanks for the news about the Armenian knitting book also. I haven't ordered one but I might treat myself for the holidays.

Knit on!