Wednesday, February 06, 2008

60 degree Ash Wednesday

Not only do we have more and more Spring bulbs pushing through the soaked topsoil, but today, Ash Wednesday, we have our first flower. A dandelion.

Being that it is Ash Wednesday, DH places the cross on his Freightliner.

The strong front has brought us record-tieing 60 degree temperatures this morning, dark clouds, over an inch of rain. Sunday's high is to be 20.


Linda said...

What a surprise... a dandelion!

We were 78 on Monday and dropped all day yesterday. When I started class last night it was snowing, and it was about 28 when I got home.

No wonder we're all sick.

Bobbi said...

Meanwhile in WI, we've gotten 12 inches of snow so far today and they are saying there are still four more hours to this storm! It's so bad that most of the churches have cancelled Ash Wednesday services...they've been rescheduled to Ash Thursday!

Yarn Elf said...

Yes, a nasty cold storm, which has gone through and it is colder than normal here in sunny AZ.

Maybe this storm is made to make us realize that with no Son, there is no life and that life does begin anew in him. Spring the time to come to life, the promise of things to come.

pjknits said...

Snow again here in Central IL, what kind of seasoning are we adding to the groundhog soup?

Yarn Vixen said...

Even the humble dandylion is a symbol of warmer days to come, renewal of life and color and beauty amid the storms of life. Beneath the snow, lots of things are always happening, we just can't always see them - kind of like life.