Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dolores for President

Dolores has declared her candidacy for President on the Fibertarians Party. The announcement is included in its entirety in the link below.

Her Press Secretary, Harry, the Ball of Yarn, has suggested the following as political promises:

*Elizabeth Zimmermann's birthday will be declared a national holiday.
*All fiber-related purchases will be fully tax-deductible.
*Knitting will become a mandatory subject in American public schools.
*Government subsidies for the establishment of independent yarn shops in high-need areas.

The 'tails' of Dolores are woven through the writings of our friend Franklin.

Should any reader be part of the Super Tuesday vote, I encourage a trip to the polls (send me some polled jacob fleece, please). My primary trek isn't until April 22nd.

1 comment:

Yarn Elf said...

She is worth thinking about. Another promise should be addi's and maybe rosewood needles for all.

There are several good choices for vp running mate also.

Are you going to apply to be
Secretary of State or Ambassador
to Ice Land, Norway or Sweden?

Will have to watch this race closer now.