Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pools is vested

We're to a vested state in Pools in the River (WG#60 OOP).

Neither picture is an accurate color...just haven't found the right lighting yet! It would help immensely if I washed that mirror! I did want to show that it fits. (Click on either pic for detail.)

To this point, the body has been knit in the round to the arms, then separately knitted front and back. There are short rows at the back neck to prevent riding up. An inch of 2x2 ribbing bound off as it presents itself completes the neckline.

Next up: sleeves!


yarn elf said...

Looking good. The color is nicer than what is showing-even the pros have trouble getting the true colors to show-the horor stories of those who want what the picture shows and being told those colors do not exit. You mad it fit well also. Is it going to be warm enough in that snow country?

Joanne said...

Thanks for your lovely note on my blog! Handspun is special, isn't it?! I have been surprised by the number of folks who just don't realize what a joy it is to knit/crochet/weave. :)

Linda said...

Hey, cool. It looks like there are bits of undyed fluff on it? "Feature" of the yarn?

I'm fighting with some yarn to get a true color picture too.

Nancy said...

Dear YE, this is alpaca. It's warm enough for PA! Thanks, Joanne, for coming to visit! Linda, there is undyed white fluff and sometimes extra dark cranberry fluff. A feature of the yarn. Am having great fun with sleeve#1!