Friday, February 08, 2008

Still Winter

So 60 degree weather retreated South. The front came through to drop another 2" rain after Wednesday's post and the bit of snow shown here overnight. It's still flurrying.
Most of this will melt today before a predicted inch wakes us in the morning with its silence. It is amazing how noiseless our corners of the world become with snowfall. Rain is noisy, traffic makes it louder. Snow does muffle and blanket what we have become accustomed to hearing in our everyday world. Even the birds react noisily to rain and puff up their feathers while waiting out the snow.
It is pretty while it lasts. I keep telling myself that. Really, I'm a summer person. An over 75 degree, sunshine person. I liked being a desert rat all those years in the Southwest. Still, we're blessed not to have had the horrendous weather so many others are facing this week -- flooding, blizzards, tornadoes.
It's not so bad here after all.


Yarn Elf said...

Thankful DH and you are safe and the storms missed you. I am sure you are tired of the white, though your pictures are nice to look at. I am with the birds, this much snow would ruffle my feathers, espically when it had been so nice a short time before. Think spring soon.

Linda said...

You're so right. I remember when our neighborhood looked like the ones in Arkansas and Tennessee. The folks from the Red Cross do amazing work.

Marguerite said...

Winter has it's own beauty, but it wears thin about mid-February.

SW Michigan is headed for single degree temps starting today on into next week. 7 degree (F) high tomorrow with 30 MPH winds. Guess I'll wear one of my handknit wool sweaters to church.