Thursday, February 21, 2008

Weather Tracker

The full lunar eclupse last night, taken 10:25 PM from the back porch doesn't show the magnificence of this lunar event. The Moon was mottled blood red with Saturn and the lead star from the constellation Leo bright as could be imagined. It was truly spectacular.
Then, back inside, watching The Weather Channel, a picture from Massachusetts which shows the moon a bluish color rather than the red I witnessed.

Here we are with TWC again showing the positioning of our sun, Earth and moon for the eclipse not happening again for three years.
This morning we awoke to the radio declaring 4 degrees at PIT while we are in the banana belt of 10 degrees. The temp is climbing now. Just look at the sun coming through the trees! Heavy frost and nature's diamonds always amaze me.

It's only running 20 degrees or so below average. And tomorrow is to bring another round of weather mayhem that's coming up from the southwest, where they don't want it either.

Pools is coming along beautifully. Sleeve #1 has 7" knit on it from shoulder down so far. Yes, was breezing through it yesterday. I forgot to mention that I kitchnered the shoulders. And, for the first time, I just did it. No instructional 'cheat sheet'. I realized that on the second one and was proud of myself! (We have to take pleasure in small pleasures or we miss the purpose of it all. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)


Linda said...

We saw nothing of the eclipse, which sux because we've got a telescope and I would have loved to get a look at Saturn's (Saturns?) rings.

See you soon!

yarn elf said...

The moon had a red glow here aganist the dark sky, no eclispe. but was sure nice to stop and look at God's creation.

Glad your sweater is coming along.