Monday, February 04, 2008

It's in the Mist

SOTSii is shown in this morning's mist. It is a crisp 38 though we are to see 50 today, we hope. Fog moved in this morning, keeping the temperature down. SOTSii has grown by a few rows since she was last pictured. You might be able to see, especially if you click on the picture, that the rose bush has its red leaf buds breaking through.

Taken this morning, these two pictures show some of the spring flowers just starting to poke through by the pond.

First, we have day lillies (the old fashioned orange kind often seen as waste flowers by highways). These I transplanted as one little daylilly from up by the stable where they'd been growing for decades, longer than I've been alive. At one point my father had a lilly garden and a rose garden, when my parents met in 1944. There are also some daffodils poking through.
Here are some hyacinths rising through the heaving, frosty ground. They are lovely as long as the foraging rabbits don't get them first!


Linda said...

Oooohhhh - pretty green SOTSii. I'm a few rows into clue 3, but not many.

Day lilies - I think they may be my fave.

Yarn Elf said...

The SOTSii is coming along well, glad you have spent some time on it. Early spring seems to be sprouting. Green seems to be the color latley, is spring on your mind or maybe summer?

Nancy said...

Warm weather, green grass, no ice or frost, flowers,fragrance of freshly cut grass....all that sounds really good right now.