Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pools in the River update

"Pools in the River" is coming right along after this week's decision making. To recap, I was deciding when to create the arnhole, what patterning to use and how best to develop the armhole. After having steeked the last few projects, all those years of other techniques totally disappeared in my memory bank. I really wanted to steek, but that was impossible with this alpaca/acrylic yarn.

The first shot is of the whole Pools right now from the front. I am using three circular needles, size 6; one for back stitches, one for front stitches and one to knit with.

Doesn't the grass look wonderfully green? Can't tell you how ecstatic I am with the ice melting off most of the ground today!

Picture Number 2 is from the front, showing an armhole being created. The patterning seems to be working fine as I knit across as usual then knit across the inside...flat knitting with a tube below and other needles in the back. It was a bit awkward for the first row or two;but, now, it isn't at all a problem.

The pictures show the yarn redder than it actually is. For a closer look as to the progress, click on the pictures to "embiggen".


Linda said...

The green grass does look great. Everything here is dead brown right now. Except the intrepid daffodils that have already sprouted. Or maybe they're tulips? Who knows...

Yarn Elf said...

Yes, I am green with envy. All that is here is brown. Nice contrast. The sweater and spring? is coming along nicely is seems. Hopefully you get into a rhythm so you can gain your speed back.