Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine's Improvement

Since Saturday's post, the weather has been alternating between this blizzard picture from Sunday and the sunny snow picture below. The two sunny days were cold, this morning was 11 to start, but warmed enough to begin to melt the layers of snow and ice.

Monday there was a two hour delay, Tuesday no school and Wednesday a two hour delay. We had that storm that started out as rain, rained all through the night, then temperatures dropped 6 degrees in 20 minutes and created solid ice and frozen slush.

Today's sunshine was a true attitude adjustment.

DH and I exchanged cards this St. Valentine's Day and he bought me a box of locally made turtles from the Valos Candy Co. in Arnold. Turtles are my favorite :) And, do click on this picture to read the 'cat card' I gave DH.

I had wanted to give a Pools in the River update with the shoulders seamed, but the back isn't quite there yet. It is coming along....

Happy Valentine's Day to All!


Linda said...

Aah, the card Squeek got for Jim just bragged about how she didn't rip his face off that day.

Joan said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes on my blog (hope that's okay)

yarn elf said...

HMM an intresting card with thoughts of love for the average day?
Glad it is warming up a little. Yes-sunshine is very important to an attitude.
Sweater is coming along well.