Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Butterfly Jacket

So I couldn't stay with the socks or the Bohus or the stole after shipping Pools in the River off to Arizona yesterday!

Last night I started the Butterfly Jacket from WG#78, March 2008, as shown in the last post.

With a #6 circular, I am getting gauge knitting Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Superwash, 001 SW145 Blaze. So far it is soft and 'squooshy' and elastic. This is from stash, thanks to Yarn Elf.

The Butterfly starts out with a provisional cast on. Of all the projects I've knit, I had always fudged a provisional cast on before. This time, I sat down with Meg's Glossary to review what I had seen demonstrated and quickly learned it. Each project must teach me a new skill!

The markers visible in the photo are where I am increasing along the armhole. I want to match them on the other side per ridge.


yarn elf said...

You have 3 here waiting to see your sweater. ;) Now I am going to have to make time to look more closer at Butterfly, it is now on top my stack of must do, now to the top of stack. Hope you like the yarn. Waiting to here more of what you think of the yarn

AfternoonMoon said...

Lovely sweater! Oh, and just a simple word of advice.... Do not eat the Chocolate eggs in the back yard, that might not be the Cadbury Bunny!

Just a heads up...

Layl said...

"Butterfly" hmm, looks more like a bolero and here i was thinking in terms of a jacket with two big wing-like folds on the back. I like the bright spring-y color too.