Friday, March 28, 2008

Summer Camisole

I apologize. I'd promised to post about this yesterday but life got in the way.

First of all, I was motoring along on this project two nights ago and didn't pay close enough attention. I knit on the purl side....tried to tink. That didn't work. Had to frog the whole thing, about 2 1/2 inches worth. So, recast on and knit 4 rows before going to bed.

Then yesterday DH had an eye appointment in Kittanning to check the "cadillacs" he'd known he'd had for probably 7-8 years. The (new-to-us) eye surgeon did the whole work up. DH still has 20/20 corrected vision, so "cadillacs" are not to the point of needing surgery. After that, I had to drive the 20 miles home....not a problem except the 'new' high Rt 422 bridge, of which there are 3 coming home all together counting the bridge and the exit ramps, triggered my depth perception freaking out and it was a tedious drive down the very steep hill onto the bridges and across the bridges. I was disappointed in myself since the perception problem hadn't kicked in that way in a few years. But the drive was otherwise uneventful. On the way home DH said he might as well go visit the chiropractor, so we did that.

Whew! It was a day!

Finally last night was able to continue working on this project for YE Workshop display:

It looks like a great project to encourage especially young knitters because of its style.

I love how this Caron Simply Soft shines! And it is really soft. It actually is the recommended yarn in the "Knit N Style" pattern, current issue, #13. Since I almost never have knit the recommended yarn, this is rather amazing.

Instead of three colors as the pattern shows, I'm knitting it in two. Will be using the Autumn Red for the empire stripes and the icord straps.

It really is fun to knit, if only I pay attention!


yarn elf said...

I thought you were still a young lady. Yes-the Soft Line from Caron has many possibilities and you are doing such a great job. It is a myth that the pattern police will get you for changing yarns in the pattern. So glad all went well and made it home safely.

Layl said...

Aw, you did just fine, girl, and you brought everyone home again safe and sound which is what counts.
The pattern on the lower portion is Really pretty and I agree their Soft Yarn is a good product.

Linda said...

Glad you got home safe and the appt was good. But for the surgery - it was very simple 25 years ago when I took Grandma for hers, and I think has maybe even gotten easier. So tell the big guy that it won't be so bad.

But still always nicer to NOT have to do.