Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yes, Spring

Ahh, Spring.

It looks like Spring.

It smells like Spring.

It feels like Spring.

It must be Spring!

Look, some of the rock iris were blooming yesterday! And with them? The contents of The Box from Yarn Elf that arrived for the next display projects! (As always, to see in detail, click on picture!)

The new 'Knit N Style' magazine has an article by Michael Del Vecchio on SHP's anniversary. Of course it will be saved and into the notebook it'll go.

No surprise, I started the next project last night! More on that tomorrow....


Layl said...

Yarn Elf did you proud, girl ! Of course I enlarged pic to see all the goodies - no wonder you are eager to start on a pretty fiber something.

yarn elf said...

The long desired spring maybe is here for you. Must be all smiles.
You have to watch out for Yarn Elfs they can add to your wips and gee I was trying to get my yarn stash down not added to. Smirk